The Kentucky Senate is returning to Frankfort today to resume the special session on Medicaid. But the House, which adjourned March 24th, won’t be there.

That means there will be no overrides of line-item vetoes of the Medicaid bill issued by Gov. Steve Beshear. Until the Senate officially adjourns, lawmakers are being paid, but Legislative Research Commission Director Bobby Sherman says money that has accrued since March 24 is being held in escrow until legal questions about it are cleared up.

“I don’t want to be issuing pay that the agency then might have to try to retrieve. That would be an administrative nightmare. And secondly, it could adversely affect unintentionally the tax implications for members.”

House Speaker Greg Stumbo suggests seeking an attorney general’s opinion on the pay issue. For now, Senate Republicans are refusing to accept pay for any days past March 24.