A Republican lawmaker has amended a bill expanding domestic violence protections for dating couples to include language limiting abortions.

Rep. Joe Fischer of Ft. Thomas says he believes abortion is a form of domestic violence.

“The most brutal form of domestic violence is the violence against unborn children. And, this particular bill would prohibit abortions after the fetus feels pain, which is 20 weeks and older,” Fischer says.

It’s a claim that most scientists find dubious. But many legislatures find it important, and nearly a dozen states have considered such bills in recent years.

The 20-week limit has skeptics on the bench, too. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case on a similar Arizona law, effectively upholding a previous ruling that it was unconstitutional.

Nonetheless, Fischer defended his amendment, which he attached to a bill that would expand domestic violence protections for unmarried couples in intimate relationships.

Under Kentucky law, the cut-off for abortions is at 22 weeks of pregnancy.