Kentucky Tea Party groups are planning rallies Tuesday to protest the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups for extra review.

Two of Kentucky’s largest Tea Party groups will protests outside IRS offices in their respective areas: the Northern Kentucky Tea Party will protest in Cincinnati and Louisville’s group will join southern Indiana groups to protest in Louisville.

Louisville Tea Party President Sarah Durand says the protests show that Tea Party groups won’t stand by quietly while the controversy unfolds.

“So this is our way of saying something needs to be done, there needs to be more action taken and that we refuse to be silenced,” she says.

The Justice Department is opening an investigation into the IRS reviews.

Durand says she believes the IRS actions were criminal and would like to see legal action against the organization. 

She added that the recent scandal proves the Tea Party philosophy that big government is a bad thing.

So far, only one conservative group in Kentucky has claimed to be targeted by the IRS.

“And so I think that this is an example of everything that the tea party has taken issue with and basically through this IRS scandal, proved our point perfectly,” she says.