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Kentucky will once again compete for federal Race to the Top dollars for education.

The money is part of an effort to funnel $500 million in early learning programs. Grants of $50 to $100 million will be awarded later this year, and today, state officials announced they will apply for funds.

The state previously changed education assessment standards to compete for prior Race to the Top grants. The new grants may not require such strong action.

“Given that the governor’s Transforming Education in Kentucky Task Force has early childhood education as one of its main priorities in its final report, I would think that this is something we as a state agency and also lawmakers and policymakers are going to be looking very closely at,” says Department of Education spokeswoman Lisa Gross.

Kentucky did not receive any money in the previous round of federal grants. Gross says it’s yet not clear what the state will have to do or prove to qualify for the funds, but details are expected later this summer.