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Kentucky writer Silas House’s new book “Southernmost” tells the story of Asher Sharp — an evangelical preacher who sees his life anew after a flood washes away his Tennessee community.

After being assisted during the flood by two gay men, Asher has to reckon with the fact that he turned on his own brother after he came out.

Then, when he delivers a sermon where he passionately defends equality, Asher loses his job, his wife and custody of his son — whom he decides to kidnap and bring to Key West to meet his estranged brother.

I spoke with House about the book and how his own experiences growing up as a closeted gay man in Eastern Kentucky informed his writing. You can listen to the interview in the audioplayer above.

“Southernmost” releases on Tuesday. On the same day, House will launch the book with Carmichael’s Bookstore; they’re having the event off-site at the Crescent Hill Baptist Church on Frankfort Ave.

He’ll be joined for the event by Daniel Martin Moore and Joan Shelley, who will perform songs mentioned in the novel.