The Kentucky gubernatorial primary is on May 21, and between now and then, our reporters will be interviewing candidates about issues that matter to you. Topics include public school funding, climate change, infrastructure and abortion, to name a few.

Candidates’ views on these topics will help determine the future of the state. As part of The Next Louisville, WFPL News is asking what questions the state’s young people have for the people running for governor.

If you are a young Kentuckian — under age 22 — and have questions you’d like to be answered by all the candidates, fill out the form below.

Please include your name and age, but know that we’ll only use your first name for our stories. It’s also okay to use a parent or guardian’s email address. We also may contact you for more information.

The Next Louisville project is a collaboration between WFPL News and the Community Foundation of Louisville. For more work from the project, click here.