Local News

The non-profit citizens group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth says it wants the freedom to take stands on political issues and has created a political action committee.

It’s called the New Power PAC.  KFTC Chairman K.A. Owens says the PAC was formed because “somebody needs to tell the story about the need for new power in Kentucky – economic power, political power and new energy power.” 

“Somebody has to tell the story about the opportunity we have to create clean energy jobs and affordable, renewable energy.  And somebody needs to speak the truth about the harm done by our dependence on old power.”

Owens says in coming weeks, the New Power PAC will take its message to Kentuckians through radio, print and television ads, but won’t be directly endorsing candidates.  To kick-start fundraising efforts, KFTC has given the PAC $100,000.