Local News

The Kentucky League of Cities will hold its annual conference in Louisville this week. This is the KLC’s first conference since its previous director resigned.

Former executive director Sylvia Lovely stepped down at the beginning of this year. Her resignation came after the state Auditor’s office detailed extravagant spending by KLC executives.

The audit prompted a resolution in the Louisville Metro Council asking the KLC to return some of the dues the city has paid, though the resolution was eventually dropped.

Interim executive director Neil Hackworth says fallout from the audit was minimal, and the organization has recovered.

“Our attendance is actually up this year,” he says. “I think we’re doing very well in terms of our continued support by our members. We continue to do the work that makes a real difference for cities.”

The conference is Wednesday and Thursday downtown. Hackworth says he’s expecting more than 500 city mayors, council members, clerks and other officials to attend.