Louisville Metro Councilman Kevin Kramer, R-11, is hoping to raise awareness about the continued problem of distracted driving.

Kramer has introduced a resolution to support AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign. The non-binding measure is aimed at curbing texting while driving, particularly among teenagers. Last year, a state law banning texting while driving took effect but state police have said the law is difficult to enforce.

Kramer, who is a teacher at Mercy Academy, says the resolution isn’t an attempt to expand the law in the city, but to tell adults and teenagers they should be more mindful on the road.

“I teach sophomores in high school, many of whom are just now getting their drivers license or will be getting it in the very near future. Texting is a pretty big deal and it’s pretty dangerous to do. In that conversation, we agreed if there’s something we can do to reduce the number of kiddos texting that would be the right choice,” he says.

A Virginia Tech study shows that drivers who send text messages while on the road are 23 times more likely to be in an accident. Another survey showed at least 43 percent of teenagers admit to the practice.

The resolution is being heard in the council’s Public Safety Committee Thursday and has two other co-sponsors.

“This is a resolution that the sole purpose of it is to increase awareness for drivers about the problems that are caused by texting while driving. This does not advocate for or introduce any legislation that would carry any kind of penalty,” says Kramer.