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Kentucky House members from the Louisville area touted their allocation of funds for expanded mental health services Monday – but acknowledge the spending plan is still in the early stages. The House version of the budget includes more than a million dollars for the construction of three new cottages and two new clinics at the Hazelwood Center in Louisville.

Missy McKiernan hopes her 26-year-old son will be selected to inhabit one of those cottages – he’s currently living at Central State Hospital. McKiernan says she knows Monday’s announcement may be a little premature.

“I’m guardedly optimistic. We’ve been down this road and close various other times, and for naught, it’s been pretty frustrating as a parent and advocate when other things get priority and we’re talking about human beings lives.”

McKiernan says the new cottages would be unique because they would offer a group home living situation, with the added medical services of the nearby clinics.