The Kentucky Board of Education and Commissioner Terry Holliday are reviewing public comments given this week on changes to the state’s restraint and seclusion policy for misbehaving students.

Most of the speakers attending Tuesday’s public hearing were in opposition to the policy change. It would allow for restraint and seclusion only in situations of an imminent threats or personal harm.

Those in opposition say it’s too vague and constrictive in situations that often require quick decisions.

The changes were developed by a task force that used recommendations provided by the federal government earlier this year. It includes annual training for all school staff.

Board chair David Karem told WFPL despite some opposition by several superintendents there needs to be a stronger statewide policy in place.

“It’s [Kentucky] a unified system of common schools across the state and on restraints there aught to be, from my perspective, a statewide policy,” he said.

Karem didn’t say what changes—if any—are likely., but the board could open it up for modifications or send it to a subcommittee for review. He said that Commissioner Holliday may decide to make tweaks to the policy, but that it’s unlikely any state-wide policy would satisfy everyone.

The public comment period ends Monday.

To watch the public hearing click here.