Gov. Andy Beshear announced Monday night that state officials have confirmed two more cases of COVID-19. Beshear said one case was confirmed in Harrison County, and another in Fayette County, bringing the state’s total confirmed cases to six.

“Kentucky is now up to six positive cases, and folks, we’re gonna have more,” Beshear said during a press conference Monday night. “That doesn’t mean we’re not ready. We are. And it doesn’t mean that people should overly worry.”

Beshear and state officials offered few details about the two new cases, promising more information Tuesday morning at a 9 a.m. press conference.

Officials did say that both new cases are being treated in isolation. The new Harrison County case brings Harrison’s confirmed total to three. Beshear says the second person being treated for the virus in Fayette County is not necessarily a Fayette County resident.

He warned that it’s “likely that [the virus] is more widespread” than the six confirmed cases. He urged the public to use good hygiene, and stay home from work or school if cold or flu symptoms are present. He also said people over 60 should avoid crowds, and not fly or take cruises.

As of Monday night, Beshear said, the state has tested 34 people, with 6 positive results and 28 negative results.

Jess Clark is WFPL's Education and Learning Reporter.