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Kentucky’s congressional delegation will have to wait a little longer to find out who exactly they’ll represent this year.

Legislative leaders are trying to work out a compromise on new congressional redistricting maps, having already passed maps of their own districts and their own versions of the congressional map. The congressional map is currently in a conference committee, but the chambers adjourned today with no compromise in hand. The committee will meet again on Monday.

“I don’t know if anyone wants to work the weekend. I’ll certainly be available if that’s necessary,” says House Speaker Greg Stumbo. “But at this time we’re fairly far apart on the two proposals.”

At least one Congressman, Hal Rogers of Somerset, has voiced his disapproval of the process, Stumbo says. He adds that Senate Republicans need to back down from their position before a compromise can be reached.

“Unless the Senate comes forward with a new proposal that is not their old proposal with some minor modifications then no, there won’t be [agreement],” Stumbo said.

Stumbo says the House already proposed a totally different map for discussion than the one they passed last week. But Republican Sen. Robert Stivers says the House isn’t being reasonable in negotiations over the Congressional map.

Stivers adds that his chamber is ready to continue talks.

If the General Assembly can’t pass House Bill 2, the congressional map, by Monday, they may have to push back the filing deadline for those offices.