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by Angela Hatton, Kentucky Public Radio

Former Republican secretary of state candidate Hilda Legg says she will seek a recanvass when the votes from Tuesday’s primary election are certified. Legg lost the GOP nomination to businessman Bill Johnson by fewer than 1,100 votes.

Johnson’s political director James Young says they support the recanvass.

“Because we will need her supporters in the fall. We will need Hilda Legg’s support going into November to face Alison Grimes, a very formidable, a very—she will be very well funded and we cannot go in as a divided Republican Party,” he says.

A recanvass checks for mathematical, machine, and human error in vote counting. Both sides say it’s unlikely the recount will change the outcome of the race.

“I feel like I owe that to my many supporters, just to make sure there was inadvertently accounting errors, an accounting error, y’know a transposed number. Just any reporting errors, we want to make sure we take a second look at them,” says Legg.

Legg and Johnson plan to attend a Republican Unity Rally in Frankfort this weekend.