Local News

By Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

A final budget agreement remains elusive, as the 2010 session of the Kentucky General Assembly enters its final day. 

With only 12 hours remaining in the 2010 session, House leaders are proposing a one-year continuation plan allowing Gov. Beshear to continue spending at current budgetary levels.  Senate President David Williams isn’t rejecting the proposal outright, but wants more information. 

“This proposal when it came today was done in a rather hurried sort of way.  The staff was not familiar with all the implications of it, so we’ve had various experts in the Legislative Research Commission staff to analyze this to give us their best opinion as to what the impact of this proposal would be,” Williams said Wednesday night.

Williams says the House has another option which can still be acted on in the waning hours of the session, and that is to pass the two-year balanced budget plan offered by the Senate in conference committee.

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