Louisville Gas and Electric is facing a $65,000 fine for alleged violations at the company’s Cane Run Power Plant. This is the latest of several Notice of Violations the company has received for problems at the plant in the past two years.

The complaint cites 13 days in June where residents near the Cane Run plant reported objectionable odors…like rotten egg and sulfur smells. Several air pollution compliance officers, as well as LG&E Production Supervisor Mark Hussong, confirmed the smell. The culprit was stagnant water in one of the ponds the company uses to store ash.

LG&E spokeswoman Liz Pratt says the company doesn’t have an immediate response to the NOV; she says  officials are reviewing the violation and will respond directly to the Air Pollution Control District by the end of the week.

Including this recent proposed penalty, LG&E has been fined a total of $124,000 since August, 2011. The company has paid $33,000 so far. Company officials are contesting several violations, and a settlement hasn’t been reached yet on the latest issues.

Here’s a timeline of the past two years of LG&E’s issues at Cane Run:

Neighborhood residents say coal ash from the plant has contaminated their homes, affecting their health and quality of life. LG&E is planning to shut down the coal-fired Cane Run plant in 2015, and replace it with natural gas generation.