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Louisville Gas and Electric wants to pass on the costs the company incurred from the September windstorm to customers starting as early as next year. The company has filed a report with the Public Service Commission, asking the PSC to deem the costs a ‘regulatory asset’, which could be included in a pending rate increase request.

LG and E spokesperson Chris Whelan says recovery from the windstorm cost the company about 35-million dollars.

“Basically that is divided into two parts, 26-something-point-something is in O&M, which means its labor and operations and maintenance,” says Whelan, “and then the other 8-something is based on capital expenditures, which is poles and wires and transformers and so forth, that were put in place during the windstorm.”

Whelan says it would add a monthly fee of less than a dollar to residential bills.

“It is not based upon usage; it’s based across the board. We have various levels of customer classes, business, commercial and residential, but the 75-cents is basically what we expect it will cost for a residential customer over the next five years, per month, for their bill,” says Whelan.

Whelan says a decision from the PSC on the windstorm cost request could come within a week.