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A coal ash cloud forms above LG&E's Cane Run Power Station after an equipment malfunction in August. Photo by Greg Walker.Louisville Gas and Electric and Metro Government have yet to reach a settlement on several air pollution violations reported earlier this year.

Louisville Gas and Electric was cited twice last year for violating the company’s permit at the Cane Run Power Station.

In August, the Air Pollution Control District fined LG&E $4,000 for allowing coal ash to leave its landfill and contaminate area homes. Three months later, the APCD issued another notice of violation to the company. This one carried a $26,000 fine, and was for continued equipment malfunctions at the plant which released clouds of dust.

Now, the process is dragging on. APCD Spokesman Tom Nord says there are two options: either Metro Government and the company reach a settlement, or they have a hearing.

“We are in the process of negotiating a settlement with LG&E. Hopefully that will lead to a settlement and a compliance plan. If not, we are prepared to file a complaint and take this to an administrative hearing.”

LG&E spokesman Chip Keeling says the company is interested in reaching a settlement. He says one of the reasons the process is taking so long is the company disagrees with the APCD’s August account of the fugitive dust at Cane Run.