Local News

Duke Energy will shut off electricity to the Indiana town of Linton for a portion of this weekend.

From midnight until 8 AM on Sunday, all power to Linton’s six thousand residents will be cut off. During the blackout, power crews will replace the switch that controls electricity flow to the city.
Duke Energy spokesperson Lew Middleton says planned outages are not usually done on this large of a scale, but the repair is urgent.

“Maintenance personnel determined that it was necessary to replace this one switch, which controls the power that goes into Linton. It was a situation that needed to be done now,” he says. “If the switch was allowed to fail, it might cause more problems which would result possibly in a longer outage.”

Linton’s hospital and two nursing homes will run on generator power during the blackout and police will conduct extra patrols.

Linton is about 40 miles west of Bloomington.