Local News

A list of delinquent property owners will likely be published in the Courier-Journal this week.

Several Metro Council members have compiled a list of vacant homes that have not been maintained. The property owners have been fined, but have not paid. This week, the legislators will take out an ad in the paper and publish the names of property owners who owe more than twelve thousand dollars to the city.

Majority caucus spokesperson Tony Hyatt says the goal of the list is to shame those listed into paying fines and maintaining their property.

“The council is very hopeful that this public display of these names so that people can see who some of these folks are might start doing the trick. There are other things, too. There are other things that are being looked at as far as bringing attention to this situation,” he says. “[Things like] revising ordinances where the city has a little bit higher priority in the foreclosure process for liens. We’re looking at, you know, more attention being paid to properties to the point where folks have to do a better explanation of why they keep their properties that way.”

Hyatt says the council is also reviewing legislation that would put the city in a better position to collect fines on unkempt foreclosed properties. Several of the property owners whose names will be published own several abandoned homes or are banks that have foreclosed on houses.