Louisville’s reputation as a foodie city continues to grow and grow. Just last week, Saveur Magazine said the city’s passion for food and drink is only surpassed by New Orleans.

Saveur favorite Chef Edward Lee is at the center of the scene here. In an interview with Sean Cannon on Louisville Public Media’s new show The Guestlist, he talked about not just what our eating habits mean for our bodies, but what they mean for the world around us.


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“(Food) goes way beyond nutrition,” Lee says. “It’s culture, it’s politics, it’s food policy — it’s everything.

“Wendell Berry has a really famous quote: Eating is an agricultural act. I always go back to that. I always say it seems like a very innocent statement but actually is probably one of the most profound things that has affected my life and the way I approach food.

“The fact that you can associate eating — which is such a mundane, everyday action — and connect it to a word like agriculture in one sentence means that, to me, every time we put something in our mouths, we’re actually contributing to a much greater system that is a man-made system. That system can either be on based on not-so-good things or a system based on things that are more positive. And that’s your choice.”

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