From Jefferson County Public Schools declaring itself a safe haven for immigrant students and their families to the talk of charter schools coming to Kentucky, the topic of education is becoming more heated.

The president of Louisville Urban League, Sadiqa Reynolds, spoke with me about charter schools and Gov. Matt Bevin’s harsh criticism of the JCPS safe haven resolution.

Louisville Urban League

Sadiqa Reynolds

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Reynolds on Bevin’s response to JCPS declaring it will be a safe haven:

“I think it is interesting that people who have privilege and have never felt the threat of anything, really, what their response is. I think it is fair for people to want their children to feel safe in school. If you think about sending your child off and thinking that ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) or any other organization has come and picked them up, I think that is a very scary thing.”

On the future of charter schools in Kentucky:

“My concern about charter schools is that those of us who have been disenfranchised and left out will continue to be. I’m very, very concerned about the implementation, how this actually gets executed. There are charter schools that work in some places, but there are many, many charter schools that do not. And when those charter schools close, the public school system is supposed to be ready to receive all of those kids. We’ve got to think about that.”

Bill Burton is the Morning Edition host for WFPL News.