Community Economy

The Louisville Metro Diverse Business Fair was held Tuesday. The event was hosted by Councilman David Tandy and Fourth Street Live. Government agencies, banks and business owners mingled at Tavern on Fourth.

Here’s what some attendees said why an event like this is needed in the city.

“It’s good to get out and mingle and rub elbows with some people you haven’t done business with.” –Lee Jones, air filtration sales

Lee JonesRoxanne Scott |

Lee Jones

“People are really anxious to share their business and share how their business can help people.” –Lauren Taylor, iHeartRadio

“It broadens your horizons, it gets you out of a comfort level of dealing with just the same people all the time.” –Carl Ledford, Jefferson County Public Schools

“There was an opportunity to meet diverse business owners here in town.” –Danny Kolker, iHeartRadio

“I think it’s important because anytime you have minority business owner events it allows you to meet other minority business owners. It allows the business owner to get in front of companies and get key points of contact that they wouldn’t otherwise get on their own.” —Koray Benson, franchise owner at DetailXPerts

Koray BensonRoxanne Scott |

Koray Benson

“It’s just a chance to find out who’s in our community that we can work with.” –Renee Fromme, Louisville Water