Louisville Metro Police have released the names of the officers involved in a fatal shooting in Portland Tuesday.

Officials say officers Joshua Weyer, Kody Despain, Benjamin Dean and Detective Joseph Fox are on routine administrative reassignment pending an investigation of the incident.

Lt. Aaron Crowell of the LMPD Public Integrity Unit said the shooting began when Weyer approached 21-year-old Demonjhea Jordan of Jeffersonville, who was suspected of robbing a nearby Metro PCS store.

Crowell said Jordan was brandishing a handgun.

“Officer Weyer, along with Detective Fox and officers DeSpain and Dean, who had converged on the area from different routes, exchanged gunfire with Jordan and he fled south on 29th Street,” Crowell said Wednesday during a news conference.

“Jordan was struck multiple times and continued to pose a deadly threat to the officer and the public after going to the ground south of St. Xavier Street.”

Police body cam footage of the incident shows multiple shots being fired, and Jordan being handcuffed and given medical attention. He died at University of Louisville Hospital.

No officers were injured.

Police did not say how many shots were fired by the suspect or officers, but LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said the officers’ response was in line with training and policies.

“You have the right, any person, whether you’re a police officer or not, to protect yourself against that threat,” Conrad said. “That said, as you are firing those shots as a police officer, you’re going to have to account for those shots.”

There’s been four police shootings in 2018, the same number for all of 2017.  Conrad said none of the officers involved in this year’s shootings have returned to work yet.