A second city review of a site activists are using to protest federal immigration policies found they are still not in compliance with state law, and some activists could be jailed for it.

Louisville Metro Police Department officers reviewed the site outside the city’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency Tuesday, and found some parts of the “Occupy ICE,” camp were in compliance but others were not. The group is protesting immigration policies and calling for an end to ICE.

“There are very clear violations as far as what was provided to them yesterday,” LMPD Lieutenant Ron Heady said. “I’m going to report back what I’ve seen today and let those that are making those decisions review that.”

After a protest and counter protest on immigration on Saturday, LMPD ordered Occupy ICE to clear 4 feet of space on the sidewalk or the city would get “legal relief.”

Occupy ICE rearranged the space, but LMPD said the group was still not in compliance. A second order said the group must clear canopies, coolers and more from spaces near government parking spaces.

Occupy ICE leader Jesús Ibañez said the group will try to stay in compliance, but that they intend to remain there until ICE is abolished.

“It’s a damn shame that the tactics by LMPD and the city are shifting the narrative from the abolition of ICE to the compliance of petty infractions,” Ibañez said. “We will try our best to be in compliance but if we are not fully in compliance, we are not going anywhere.”

Heady said he’s unsure what will happen next, and could not provide a timetable for possible actions LMPD is considering.