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Louisville Metro Police officers will be stationed along West Broadway Derby weekend – but they won’t restrict traffic on the thoroughfare unless cruising becomes a problem. Derby cruising was banned in 2006, after a number of shootings, one of them fatal, during the event the previous year. This week, LMPD officers are walking West Broadway, handing out passes to people who may need them to get access to the street in the case police end up restricting traffic.

Officer Corey Robinson let residents and business owners know those roadblocks won’t be in place this year.

“We’ll have some police that’ll be stationed there, but you’ll be able to flow freely. Of course, we won’t allow any cruising, and if it gets really gridlocked and gets backed up we’re going to come push it out,” said Robinson.

Police say other changes include the opening of Shawnee and Chickasaw Parks.