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A new public awareness campaign has Louisville Metro Police Officers inspecting parked cars to see if motorists have tucked their valuables away or in their trunks. If the driver has valuables out of sight – officers will place a faux ticket on their windshield, encouraging them and providing more safety advice.

LMPD spokesperson Alicia Smiley says the dispersion of fake tickets won’t detract from the regular duties of Louisville police officers.

“We want our officers to be a presence in the area. And as part of being a presence in the area, they’re also drawing attention to themselves and drawing attention to themselves and the Louisville Metro Police Department to let people know that we are out here, we are paying attention to what’s going on, and we want you to be eyes and ears for us,” said Smiley.

It’s part of a campaign to reduce the number of car burglaries in Louisville. Smiley says it isn’t taking away much-needed money from the city’s budget, because the paper and printing of the faux tickets were donated by a local company.