Local News

Louisville Metro Police have completed a two-week sting operation that sought out sexual predators of children on the internet.  During the investigation, called Operation Bulldog, two Louisville Metro Police detectives posed as 12-and-13 year old children online.  When they were contacted on the internet by a suspected adult sexual predator, they arranged a meeting, and arrested the person.

Detective Dan Jackman says the sting resulted in the arrests of eight men. 

“It seems like a small amount, but for every one person we arrest, on average, they’ve already victimized 150 children,” says Jackman.  “So if you do 150 times each one of these guys, that’s a lot of children that have been victimized already by these guys, on average, nationwide.”

Jackman says contact of a sexual nature is more prevalent that some might think among adults and children, and parents have to be proactive to protect their youngsters. 

“You need to start being the parent.  And not your child’s best friend,” says Jackman.  “You need to regularly monitor the computer, audit it, and that includes the DS’s, that also includes the cell phones, the iPhones, because most of the phones nowadays are more powerful than the computers we had just last year.”

The eight men arrested in the sting are charged with state and federal crimes, including sexual enticement of a minor online.