Metro Louisville

Louisville Metro officials asked protesters to be safer as demonstrations have largely evolved to vehicles moving through the city.

Chief of Public Safety Amy Hess said “dangerous behavior we’re seeing has dramatically increased” over the last few nights. Hess said city officials are seeing it themselves and hearing it from protesters themselves. She told protesters to expect to see an increasing presence of police due to the safety issues.

Hess noted that protests this week have remained largely peaceful. Most have started with a hub at 6th Street and Jefferson Street and branch out. She said protesters have been driving on both sides of the street, hanging out windows and riding on top of cars.

She said someone has attempted to hit protesters with a car, but didn’t provide details.

Lt. Paul Humphrey of LMPD played a compilation video showing cars doing donuts on a busy road, individuals riding atop a van on the interstate and cars driving up on to sidewalks.

“Part of what were asking is protesters mind traffic laws and pay attention to the safety of others as well as themselves,” Humphrey said. “Honk your horns, be loud, get your message out. But we can’t create a danger while doing so.”

The press briefing was called just a few minutes before the Metro Council was set to meet to discuss a ban on no-knock warrants. Officers didn’t take any questions.