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The Louisville Metro Police Department has seen a major jump in the number of applicants for positions there, thanks to a national marketing campaign.

LMPD was averaging about 160 applications a month, and leaders had noticed other departments across the country were experiencing drops in their applications. So officials started a national campaign in an effort to attract more propects.

Sgt. Barry Denton with the LMPD Recruitment/Selection Unit says it’s important to keep the pool of applicants full, so the very best candidates can be found.

“The people we hire today are going to be protecting you, they’re going to be protecting your family, your kids, possibly even your grandkids,” says Denton. “The overall expectancy for a career like this is 25 years.”

Over the last two months, LMPD has seen application numbers grow to 272 in August and 274 in September. The department expects to hire about 100 new officers in the 2008-09 fiscal year.