Local News

by Gabe Bullard

The Louisville Metro Police Department has put the finishing touches on its traffic plan for Thunder Over Louisville Saturday.

Several routes have been changed from last year, and the department’s main focus is to get drivers out of downtown and heading toward interstate ramps.

Lieutenant Doug Sweeney says the best way to leave after Thunder is to follow one of the LMPD’s routes, and not improvise.

“I tell people not to try to outsmart us—unless you have and you’ve got a really good plan you haven’t told us about, give me a call and I’ll implement it—but otherwise, everything we do is designed to get you to an interstate ramp,” he says.

This year, the police will be able to control some traffic lights along exit routes. Sweeney says that will help the department keep several express routes out of downtown moving quickly.

To see the traffic plan, click here.