Louisville’s chapter of the U.S. Association for Energy Economics is planning for a full 2013.

The Louisville chapter of the USAEE has been around for about five years, but chapter activities and lectures have been sporadic. The group aims to provide education and networking opportunities for everyone interested in energy—from professionals to the community as a whole.

Eric Yussman is the chapter president, as well as a market policy analyst for Louisville Gas and Electric. He says the group will focus on holding events that explain the numbers behind energy topics in a way that’s accessible for everyone.

“So it’s not at all just a dry recitation of numbers,” he said. “In fact we want to do just the opposite of that and have people get accurate information about energy, but not be bored to tears to the extent that they just don’t want to listen.”

The chapter’s first event of 2013 is already scheduled: a speaker from the American Gas Association will talk about the extraction process called fracking. And in March, the assistant administrator for energy analysis at the U.S. Energy Information Administration will speak.

Click here for information about the chapter’s upcoming events.