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Local food supporters are gathering in Louisville tomorrow for the 12th annual Healthy Food, Local Farms Conference. The event emphasizes the connections between food and farmers, and touts the benefits of eating locally.

“The average meal travels 1500 miles and we want to change that,” said Aloma Dew of the Sierra Club. “We want Kentucky to be more food independent. We want to support the very good farm economy that we have here in Kentucky.”

Dew says she’s seen progress over the 12 years she’s organized the conference. More people are interested in eating locally, and there’s support for the movement in Louisville. But she says there’s still work to be done.

“We want to get as many people as possible to understand that if we’re to save this planet, we have to do some personal things and how we eat is one of those,” she said. “This is an energy issue, it’s a clean water issue, it’s a justice issue.”

The Healthy Food, Local Farms conference begins tomorrow at 9:00. Registration is $55, but Dew says no one will be turned away if they can’t pay.