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For Louisville actor David DeSanctis, signing on to star in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film “Color My World With Love” was an easy yes.

“I fell in love with the script. I fell in love with the people. It was just an amazing cast and crew for me to work with.”

The movie debuted on cable television earlier this month and has showtimes scheduled through the end of July. 

It follows the budding romance between Kendall, a young artist who has Down syndrome, and Brad, who also has Down syndrome. They meet in a cooking class for diverse learners, and fall for each other. They want to get married. But Kendall’s protective mother is worried her daughter’s heart will get broken. 

DeSanctis plays Brad, and stars alongside Lily D. Moore, from Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever.” 

DeSanctis got into acting while a student at Ballard High School, and has been in feature films before, including the 2014 feel-good flick “Where Hope Grows.” 

He told WFPL News “Color My World With Love” felt special, though, in part because it’s a love story.

“I’ve always loved love stories,” DeSanctis said. “And somehow, a love story moves me and it touches my heart, and I love that.”

Below are excerpts from DeSanctis’s conversation with WFPL, edited for brevity.

On his favorite part about filming this movie and working with this cast:

“We practically filmed the movie through April Fool’s Day, so we pulled a lot of pranks, and I laughed real hard and went down to the floor laughing so hard.”

On why he wants to eventually get involved in other aspects of film, including creating his own TV shows and movies:

“I just love the industry so much, and I love my career.”

When Emma’s daughter Kendall becomes engaged, she wants to be happy for her but has concerns – Kendall and her fiancé have Down Syndrome and Emma worries she’s not ready to take this step. Slowly, Emma accepts that Kendall is ready to – and should – live her own life. In the process, she learns a lesson from her daughter about how to look beyond what’s in front of you and see the beauty that exists. And, just maybe, she finds herself ready to find love once again. Photo: Tiana Renee Kirkegaard, Bobby Love, Benjamin Ayres, Erica Durance, Lily D. Moore, David DeSanctis.Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster

Photo: Tiana Renee Kirkegaard, Bobby Love, Benjamin Ayres, Erica Durance, Lily D. Moore, David DeSanctis.

On what he hopes people take away from his latest film:

“To take away different perspectives and different ways. The movie of ‘Color My World With Love,’ what it means is love, relationships. It has ups and downs, and every day struggles through life.”

On his message to others who have Down syndrome, which mirrors the message in the film:

“Go after your dreams and chase them down. Never let anyone or anybody get in the way of you and your dreams. Put them into reality and put them into effect to be the inspiration.”

Stephanie Wolf is WFPL's Arts & Culture Reporter.