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The Tim Faulkner Gallery on Saturday evening will host Whiskermania, a charity beard and mustache competition.

Competitors will face off in a number of different categories, including full beard and mustache, mustache-only, goatee, and whaler or Amish-style.

The competition will be presented by the Derby City Whisker Club. Whisker Club President Ryan Gore said his own preferred category is a combination.

“Normally I compete in a category which is full beard, styled mustache, so my beard stays natural, no styling gels or hairspray in it. But my mustache may have wax or hairspray, just to make it look real pretty,” Gore said.

The Derby City Whisker Club has 35 official members who attend meetings to learn about techniques for growing, maintaining, and styling facial hair.

“It’s just a bunch of people who really didn’t know each other, brought together by facial hair,” Gore said.

While the focus is on the facial hair, some competitors add costumes as well.

“Last year at a competition in Cincinnati, Ohio, I dressed up like the mascot from the Grippos barbecue chip bag, just cause Grippos are made in Cincinnati,” Gore said. “I thought people would probably get a kick out of that, and people did.”

Winners will receive custom championship belts (like wrestlers) as trophies. All proceeds from the competition will support Active Heroes, a charity that works to prevent veteran suicide.

Doors open at 6 p.m. Saturday and the competition starts at 8.