Local News

The iconic Louisville Clock may soon be moved to Theater Square downtown.

Renovations to accommodate the clock at 4th Street and Broadway began this week.

“We are removing a landscape berm and the existing fountain in Theatre Square in hopes that the clock might eventually land there,” says architect Steve Wiser, who has worked to save the 35-year-old clock.

The clock—which is often called the Derby Clock—features mechanical horses running around a track. It has been plagued by mechanical errors and moved repeatedly. The renovations to Theater Square were planned in the city budget, but the clock was refurbished largely through private donations.

“The exterior is the same old lovable clock, whether you love it or hate it,” says Wiser. “It’s a piece of folk art, that’s what I tell people, it’s not high design, it’s folk art. The internal workings, the gears, the mechanisms—all state of the art electronics and computerized. So, yes it will be operational for a long time in the future.”

The clock was nearly installed at the zoo last year, but officials canceled the relocation due to high cost. It currently sits at Bowman Field and is not functional.

Wiser says the relocation isn’t guaranteed, but if the clock is moved, it must be in place before the winter. It’s expected to be functional again next spring.