Community Health

A Louisville group that is pushing for criminal justice reform for drug crimes and the mentally ill is hosting its first roundtable with local leaders Monday.

The group, called CLOUT, is gathering its first “Safe City Roundtable.”

The group seeks to reform the criminal justice system’s handling of drug addiction and mental illness.

CLOUT, which stands for Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together, advocates treatment of those issues rather than jail time.

The first roundtable meeting is scheduled to include the Jefferson County Attorney, Louisville’s police chief, University of Louisville professors, local judges, Metro Council members and corporate leaders.

Chris Finzer, a co-chair of the group’s health issues steering committee, says the group believes the “city will only be safe when we invest in long-term solutions, like treatment.”

The “Safe City Roundtable” begins at 2:00 p.m. Monday at Metro United Way, 334 East Broadway.