Arts and Culture

Visual art on the street is nothing new. Murals, graffiti, public sculpture installations — these are all forms with which people are pretty familiar.

But how does literature break into that public space? This weekend, Louisville Literary Arts wants to find out.

On Saturday, the organization — whose mission is “to enrich the literary arts in Louisville by engaging readers and writers” — is kicking off its 2016-2017 InKY reading series with an open mic at The Flea Off Market.

Ashlee Clark Thompson is a member of LLA’s board. She’ll be emceeing the event in addition to the season’s monthly InKY readings.

“This is a new partnership for us in terms of really finding a location where we can literally take literary arts to the streets and encourage people to come and read their original works — whether it is poetry, fiction, nonfiction — even songs,” Clark Thompson says.

For the group’s readings throughout the year, there is typically an open mic portion. But this is the first event where LLA will be relying solely on local writers to provide content.

“We’re trying to bring literary arts more to the Louisville community and providing people with more chances to not only share their work, but also to meet other writers in the area,” Clark Thompson says.

Writing can be isolating. And based on the response to the event so far, it looks like there will be plenty of opportunity to get connected. According to Clark Thompson, all advance sign-ups for the open mic have been filled.

Clark Thompson says there is still plenty of time open for day-of visitors to read.

“That’s one of the joys of an open mic, is just being able to work your way up to the event and deciding when you get there to read,” she says.

More information about the open mic is available here. And info on the 2016/2017 readings is here.