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Louisville resident John Subleski pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating the Riot Act, which bans people from promoting or inciting riots via mail, phone, television or social media. 

The charges were related to his actions in Louisville on January 6. 

Prosecutors say that Subleski incited a riot using Facebook posts and messages sent on the Signal app, a private messaging service. These posts and messages culminated in Subleski and others meeting, with firearms, at the Second Street bridge and creating a blockade.

Following the creation of the blockade, prosecutors allege that Subleski and others present threatened drivers who attempted to break through the blockage. When one motorist did, Subleski fired his weapon at the car.

A judge sentenced him to five months time served and three years supervised release. The felony conviction means Subleski is no longer allowed to own firearms and must surrender any guns he currently possesses to law enforcement. 

He still is facing state-level offenses stemming from his actions at the Second Street bridge as well as unrelated actions from August 2020.

Breya Jones is the Breaking News Reporter for WFPL.