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Mayor Greg Fischer on Thursday shuffled members of his leadership team, creating a new role for watching over the city’s vehicles and buildings and naming the new Director of Parking Authority of River City.

Tiffany Smith has been with PARC since 1995. She began as a junior accountant and has been promoted throughout the years, becoming assistant director in 2012.

She replaces Cathy Duncan, who will become the city’s director of Facilities and Fleet, a new division of the Office of Management and Budget. Facilities and Fleet was once a part of the Metro Public Works.

Mayor’s spokesman Chris Poynter explains the need for the division of Public Works:

“We’re keeping the public works part for the public facing, that will continue to be the Department of Public Works, but Fleet and Facilities are moving to the Office of Management and Budget,” Poynter says. “The reason we’re doing that is that Fleet and Facilities are 100 percent dependent on how much money we have each year after we pay our basic expenses.”

Poynter says that the reassignment of Facilities and Fleet will allow the Office of Management and Budget to focus on the major needs for the buildings and the city’s fleet of 2,600 vehicles.

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