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In  Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin’s ethics hearing today, Louisville Metro Corrections Director Mark Bolton is testifying on an ex-offender program that seemingly served few ex-offenders

Shanklin, who represents District 2, has been accused of violating five provisions of the city’s ethics code including using her position to benefit relatives.

In the ex-offender program Bolton is addressing, records show often only one or two individuals were in attendance and mostly consisted of Shanklin and her relatives.

Bolton testified that he began reviewing the program in 2009 and shut it down last year.

Shanklin’s attorney Aubrey Williams argues that Bolton doesn’t actually know who attended the program despite the attendance records. Further Williams says if the program was deficient it should have been addressed earlier.

The Ethics Commission heard from only one witness Monday from the city’s internal auditor Ingram Quick. Shanklin could take the stand later today.

The hearing is scheduled to last until Friday, but an Ethics Commission ruling may not come for weeks.