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The Louisville Metro Council is expected to vote on a final redistricting map this week.

The new districts represent population shifts shown in the 2010 Census. The ad hoc committee on redistricting is meeting Monday afternoon to go over the maps of the 26 new districts. The panel will review changes requested in the past several days, since Metro Council first formally released the maps.

“There might be some changes with some of districts but they are pretty small in terms of any population that would be shifted. It’s just more of trying to jockey some of these split precincts,” said Councilman Ken Fleming, co-chair of the redistricting committee.

Fleming said any changes made Monday will not affect the deadline to have maps ready for a final vote this Thursday. If approved, Mayor Greg Fischer could then sign, veto or request changes in the ordinance.

The new district lines would be effective immediately after Fischer’s signature.

Click here to see the proposed maps.