Metropolitan Sewer District and Louisville officials are close to finalizing their recommendations on what to do with flood-damaged homes in the city.

The flood mitigation workgroup was tasked this spring with coming up with a short-term solution for what to do with dozens of homes that are substantially flood-damaged yet prohibited from being repaired by a 2006 city ordinance. The group had its next-to-last meeting Monday.

A recent law change approved by Metro Council members will allow 14 homeowners to obtain building permits—but many homeowners are still hoping for a buyout program.

MSD Director Greg Heitzman said so far a proposed buyout plan would cost roughly $3 million—with funding from MSD, Metro Government and flood insurance. He said it would assist about 30 homeowners.

This means that it is possible homes recently eligible for repairs might also be eligible for the proposed buyout program.

Officials will still need to recommend which agency should run the short-term buyout program during its next meeting on Thursday.

“I think we will come to a conclusion of whether it will be Louisville Metro or Louisville MSD in managing the program, or a combination of both in managing the program,” Heitzman said.

But funding also hasn’t been secured. Metro council members are looking at the newly proposed city budget this week, which means flood mitigation could be added sometime soon. Councilwoman Angela Leet, a member of the workgroup, said she can’t say for sure that will happen since members haven’t started meeting about the final budget.

Heitzman said he is going to seek funding from MSD later this month..

“I do intend and plan to take a funding recommendation of a million dollars to the MSD board this June,” Heitzman said.

The group will also determine the final criteria for the program during its final meeting for a short-term plan on Thursday.