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Louisville author Kirby Gann’s third novel “Ghosting” was named to Publisher’s Weekly’s 2012 top fiction book list

Gann is managing editor at Louisville’s Sarabande Books and teaches fiction writing in the Spalding University Master of Fine Arts in Writing program. He is the author of “The Barbarian Parade” and “Our Napoleon in Rags,” also set in Kentucky. 

“Ghosting” is set in rural Lake Holloway, outside of the city of Montreaux, both fictional Kentucky locales Gann based on Louisville and the surrounding rural counties. The hero is Cole, who goes to work for the local drug kingpin Mister Greuel in hopes of solving the mystery of his missing older brother Fleece, who disappeared with Greuel’s marijuana harvest. It’s new Southern Gothic, what critics are calling “hillbilly noir.” 

“Ghosting” came out in April, and WFPL interviewed Gann about his book for a feature on two books examining Kentucky’s drug trade. Gann spoke for about an hour about “Ghosting” and the process of writing the novel. We’ve posted a few segments from the interview below.{description}{description}{description}

“Ghosting” started as a short story published in Sawmill, a literary journal produced by Louisville’s Typecast Publishing. Read the story online.