Louisville officials are asking residents to follow the new COVID-19 recommendations Gov. Andy Beshear issued Monday.

Mayor Greg Fischer described the new recommendations as “solid,” during a Tuesday morning news briefing. He did not say Louisville would break with the state in terms of recommendations or restrictions.

“Where we’re at right now as the city, is just to make sure that we continue to communicate, encourage people to wear their mask and just think first and foremost about more compliance, personal compliance,” Fischer said.

He is encouraging Louisville residents to follow the recommendations, which include working from home when possible, not dining in at restaurants and bars and not attending or hosting gatherings of any size.

Like the governor, Fischer said restrictions don’t work unless people comply with them.

These comments came as Louisville’s chief health strategist said during the same news briefing that the COVID-19 incidence rate in Louisville is more critical than last week.

Dr. Sarah Moyer said in the past week, there has been a daily average of about 35 cases per 100,000 people. That’s well above the 25 cases per 100,000 people that put the county in the so-called “red zone.”

Moyer said the city confirmed nearly 1,900 cases in the past week, an increase of about 300 compared to the week before. COVID-related deaths, however, were down, according to the city’s reports. Sixteen people died in the past week, versus 22 the week before.

Amina Elahi is WFPL's City Editor.