Well, not exactly a sanctuary. But a pretty safe and secure place to raise a little clutch.

A pair of mourning doves has returned to the same abandoned pole (maybe once a street lamp or telephone pole?) in the alley next to our building. They’ve built a flimsy little nest of twigs and are now incubating one egg. According to my research, male mourning doves are stay-at-home dads, warming the egg during the day, while females roost at night. We’ve been watching the patient, single-minded dove through our second floor windows every day, thanks to a tip from my cube neighbor, Bobby. He says the doves come back to the same spot every year. Proof that nature knows how to make the most of the cracks and crevices of our built and busy world, of what we abandon or neglect.

img_0946.JPGWatch this blog for a hatchling update.