Louisville Metro Government is gathering resident input on for a new transportation plan.

The plan is called “Move Louisville” and will look at all the ways people get around Louisville, or would like to get around Louisville—including public transportation, cars, biking, walking.

It’s meant to be a comprehensive long-range plan that will set out the city’s transportation investments, policies and projects for the next thirty years.

Paul Moore with consulting firm Nelson Nygaard says when the plan is finished in August, it’ll identify the direction in which the city’s transportation should be moving.

“Since so much money is spent on transportation, we want those dollars to be spent in ways that can further the city’s overall goals,” he said. “As part of those meetings last time, we did work with the community identifying what those larger Louisville goals might be that transportation could help affect.”

Those include goals like sustainability, public health and economic growth.

Patti Clare is the deputy director of economic growth and innovation for Louisville Metro. She says the plan will take the transportation ideas that have been suggested as part of the Vision Louisville project, and gauge whether they could work. So far, the most popular request has been to build some kind of rail system in the city.

“So, really looking at ‘okay, is that feasible for Louisville, and what would it take, how do we have to grow differently in order for rail to be feasible,” she said.

Move Louisville is still in the early stages…the plan is expected to be complete by August. But the public is invited to learn more about the process and weigh in during workshops held this month, as well as in February and March.

The first workshop is scheduled for the week of January 13; click here for more details.