Two Louisville intersections are getting new signage designed to make the roads safer for bicyclists.

Mayor Greg Fischer and Congressman John Yarmuth unveiled Louisville’s first ever ‘bike boxes’ today (Monday). These bike will be big green “L” shaped boxes painted on the road at the intersections of Adams Street and Story Avenue, as well as at Spring and Mellwood Avenue. They provide more space for cyclists to get out ahead of vehicles at intersections.

“When cyclists are going straight through an intersection and vehicles want to turn right, oftentimes the cyclist isn’t in a good view for a driver and that could create an issue where there could be a collision,” Metro Public Works spokeswoman Lindsay English said.

The project is modeled after bike-friendly cities like Portland, Oregon. The two boxes plus new markings reminding motorists that lanes are shared with bikes will cost about $125,000 in federal and Metro funds.

English says these first two bike boxes will serve as a pilot project. If they work, similar bike boxes could be installed at other intersections around Louisville.