Just about 12 percent of registered voters are expected to show up at the polls for today’s Kentucky primary election, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

That’s actually an improvement from earlier projections. Until today, elections officials were expecting about 10 percent of registered voters to show up.

In Hurstbourne at Lowe Elementary School, turnout appeared to be better than average.

I stopped by the eastern Jefferson County polling location to find out why residents there headed cast ballots:

Here’s what they said.

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“People just feel like it doesn’t matter, like their vote doesn’t matter, but I think everyone’s vote matters.” — Debbie Reiss

“I voted because I spent four years in the service to have the right to vote.” —Donald Stoll

“It’s been hard fought for and hard won, so I feel obligated to do so.” — Lois Coleman

“I feel like it’s my civic duty to vote. I think of all the people in all the other parts of the world that would give anything to be able to do what we take so much for granted here.” — Debbie Hendricks.

“It’s your American privilege.” — Betty Stoll

“It makes me proud to be able to vote, I don’t care if my candidate loses, at least I voted. And I’ve got the right to criticize him if he doesn’t do good.” — Bob Whitehouse


Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.