Local News

The Louisville Water Company has raised its rates for 2010 by four-point-five percent.

The average water customer will see a monthly 94-cent increase. Company spokesperson Kelley Dearing Smith says the cool, wet weather this year has led to a decline in water sales.

“Our water sales are down about five-and-a-half percent in 2009, and I think it’s interesting to note that’s the lowest level in terms of consumption since 1993,” says Dearing Smith. “So the weather, along with the economy, have made it a very challenging year in 2009.”

Dearing Smith says the money from the rate increase will be used to pay the interest on a bond they’ll take out next month to fund capital projects for the next year. Those projects include a nearly 98-million dollar renovation of the 100-year-old Crescent Hill Filtration Plant.